Community Wellness Program

We are always ready to assist your company to improve youremployee’s lifestyle. Being healthy has many benefits, but it is not easy. Contact us now and get us on board to enchance your corporation.



Employee with depression only have peak performance at this amount


Employee lost this amount of working hours due to absence and presenteeism

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

A fully functioning adult is required to spend minimum 40 hours of their week at work. No matter how great the companies are, we will be dealing with deadlines and others which give us stress. For some, weekends were not enough to fully restore our mental and physical strengths.

Repairing the bad habits is an elaborate task. We are here to help your company create a better environment for your employees.


Since 2017, we have been helping our clients improve their company by introducing wellness to their employees. Our programs are supported by many elements that we believe are the best in their parts.


GorryWell believes healthy living is more than eating greens and regular exercise. We are happy to share our formula with your company to help shaping or maintaining your employee wellness habits. Here are some of our trade secret:

Benefit Catalog

Reward yourself after being active in GorryWell with great deals from your beloved merchant.

Company Dashboard

Take a better look at your employee’s wellness with informative visual data provided by us. Find out more about Your Employee’s Favorite Activities, Possible Health Risk, and many more.

Wellness Monitoring App

Track and mark your activities with our in-depth journal on GorryWell. Find out more about your health from our personalized features.

Medical Check Up

Start to prevent unwanted illnesses such as Diabetes and heart diseases by doing a medical check-up with us. We can check your cholesterol, blood sugar level, and many more.

Intervention Program

Explore specific matters with our wellness coaches or guest speakers to get more understanding about your well-being.

Our community’s core consists of Gen X and Millenials who are in their prime and productive age. While our work revolves around wellness for employees under 50, we have experienced working with the elders.

After one year program, by obtaining healthier habits or lifestyle, our clients saw significant changes in their company, such as :

Everyone needs their own support system. We are always ready to back you up.

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